Friday, September 14, 2007

Interpreting the Genesis Creation Accounts in the Light of Modern ANE History

Food for thought. One of the mistakes many christians make is to read scripture as a 21st century document. It's not. It was first written to a nomadic people's with a very different worldview than we "moderns" have today. So many of the questions we may have concerning creation, cosmology, or even how we view the world through modernism, are questions that would never have been asked 3,000 years ago. so let's be careful and not try to make the Bible into a science book answering questions it was not intended to answer:

Modern evangelicals have one unfortunate thing in common with modern atheists, modern agnostics, and modern liberals—they are all modern. In other words, we all tend to have inappropriate and unrealistic expectations as to what something written by the hand of God should look like to 21st century believers 3500 years after the fact. Here is just one example: Read More.

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