Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Does a loving God send people to hell?

This is an interesting take on a question that comes up frequently with non-christians:

I love it when someone tells me that he or she doesn't believe a loving God would send anyone to hell. That remark is a wonderful opening to share the gospel in an extremely personal way. I usually tell people who express this opinion that they're right. God doesn't send anyone to hell. In fact, God has done everything he can to keep you from going to hell. Even though each of us has sinned and rebelled against God, he sent his son to die to pay the penalty for our sins. He has given us a wonderful creation that points to His glory. He has given us the Bible to record his gospel and his wisdom. He has given us prophets and preachers to point his way. He has given us friends and family members who pray for us to go to him. God has gone way out of his way to keep us from having to go to hell.
But some of us still insist on going there. We resist God's efforts to draw us to himself. We ignore God's warnings about our current course. I tell them: If you go to hell, it is because you insist on running straight toward hell with your fingers in your ears so you don't hear God telling you not to go.
They usually say something like: "Well, I've never heard God telling me not to go to hell."
"Yes you have," I respond, "God has put me right here, right now, to tell you not to go." Read More.


Ray said...

Hear, hear!

Hell is "hell" because God is not there and one would cut off from a relationship with God in Hell. Thank God, for the blood of Jesus.

Ron Ballew said...