Monday, September 03, 2007

Mosque Building Gets a Mixed Reception in the West

Interesting that the US is always accused of being intolerant, yet it is Europe that shows the most cultural exclusivism:

Campaigns for and against new mosques cities have become defining issues in local politics across the U.S. and Europe, each controversy measuring how well Muslims have integrated into those communities, writes the Economist. The content of the controversies in cities including Boston, Rome, and London varies widely, the Economist says. In the U.S., objections tend to focus on practical considerations like parking and zoning laws. Those objections are usually overcome. A mosque in Chicago successfully challenged a regulation that banned parking for three hours on Friday afternoons, when worshipers would be arriving. Read the rest.

HT: Ray


ken said...

Good to see Ray contributing to our intellectual enlightenment in this august forum

Ron Ballew said...

Good to see Ken entering in!