Monday, March 29, 2010

Nazi scandal engulfs Human Rights Watch

I'm not that interested in whether he collected Nazi regalia or not, what is interesting is what this embarrassment has brought to the surface. A strong anti Israel tendency:

Nazi scandal engulfs Human Rights Watch - Times Online: "At the headquarters of Human Rights Watch, more than 30 storeys above the noise and bustle of Manhattan, there is so much high-mindedness hanging in the air you can almost taste it. This is the epicentre of a certain type of socially smart, progressive activism — the kind that persuades Hollywood grandees, power lawyers and liberal financiers to dig deeply into their pockets.

When the story broke that one of the organisation’s most prominent and vocal members of staff might be a collector of Nazi-era military memorabilia it felt like some sort of sexual scandal had erupted in the Victorian church. For a lobbying group accustomed to adulatory coverage in the media, it was a public-relations catastrophe."

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