Wednesday, March 31, 2010

And My Purpose Remains..

This is from a lovely young lady who is beginning a blog about her journey in the arts and her love for God. Good stuff.

And My Purpose Remains..: "My purpose remains, the art of losing myself in bringing You praise.

Those words alone shook my world when i actually sat down to think about them. When i thought about them, i thought about how the Arts are so unbelievably awesome. I then thought about how much more unbelievably awesome they are when you are doing them for the right reason: Bringing God Praise. This blog is going to be a journal that everyone can see and be a part of. This blog is going to be my journey to change the world (starting with Mississippi) by using the arts. That's all arts, Dance, Music, Theater, Visual Arts, Photography, Graphic Design, Creative Writing, and any other art that i haven't even been exposed to! I am going to write about my journey to create some sort of something, maybe an organization, arts community, church, school or anything, for the arts and for the artist who want to serve their God. I want this idea to grow into something so powerful that when people hear how it started (from a blog) they will laugh."

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