Thursday, March 22, 2007

Wallpapering With Red Tape

George Will gives a little lesson on economics, big government and bureaucracy all by looking at what makes an interior designer or decorator.

In the West, where the deer and the antelope used to play, the spirit of "leave us alone" government used to prevail. But governments of Western states are becoming more like those elsewhere, alas.

Consider the minor -- but symptomatic -- matter of the government-abetted aggression by "interior designers" against mere "decorators," or against interior designers whom other interior designers wish to demote to the status of decorators. Some designers think decorators should be a lesser breed without the law on its side. Read More.


Anonymous said...

Have you taken a look at the comments posted for this article in the page? If you do, you will see that George did not do his homework before writing this rant

Ron Ballew said...

Do you have a link?