Friday, March 30, 2007

Hunger: Where Is The Scorn?

After Castro's blast against the US concerning ethanol, what is the reality?

Food Security: There's never a shortage of dictators to hurl abuse at the U.S. for its food policies. But they have no right to do it. Marxism, not freedom, is the world's foremost creator of hunger.

The blame-America-first crowd often zeroes in on U.S. plenty, calling our lack of want 'excess' and our great food productivity an ecological evil.

There's been a malevolent new wave of this lately as more news of failed Marxist regimes and the hunger they create comes out. Cuba's communist dictator Fidel Castro on Thursday denounced the U.S.' production of grain ethanol as 'sinister' and a coming cause of ecological catastrophe and global starvation. Not only would it affect Cuba, which has rationed food since 1962, but 3 billion other people, he said. Not to be outdone, the United Nations denounced the West for North Korea's new famine, laughably claiming the nuclear-armed state was a victim of bad harvests and a lack of food aid from the stingy West.

Meanwhile, in Zimbabwe, the West is regularly denounced as the culprit for conspiring to keep food off the African nation's shelves even as its offers of genetically modified food aid have been rejected. Dictator Robert Mugabe's enemy isn't hunger itself, but improved food production from the green revolution, developed in an atmosphere of freedom and capitalism.
By the way, all three Marxist states claim food is a right for all. But the hunger their people suffer is in fact just another monstrous instance of state failure. In all three, private property is outlawed and expropriated.
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