Saturday, September 30, 2006

Episcopal School Dumps teacher for PLAYING A GAY CHARACTER IN A PLAY

This teacher wasn't fired, though his acting certainly was on the risque side for a christian school.

Giombetti's role called for nudity and sexually suggestive situations. But that's not the first thing you learn about the play when you search for "Dominick Giombetti" online. The first listing that comes up on is a theater review on a Web site called Express Gay News Online. No porn site, it is a serious gay news outlet that gave Trafficking in Broken Hearts a glowing review.

His performance, says Giombetti, was no different from that of any serious actor in an R-rated movie, one that should be reserved for mature audiences. His bosses didn't see it that way, he says.

And he taught at a christian school? This article is a classic in trying to redefine what is acceptable and not for a christian. Under any circumstance his behaviour is unacceptable, teaching in a christian school doubly so.

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