Saturday, September 09, 2006

Antiabortion Centers Offer Sonograms to Further Cause

This strategy has proven very effective and the Washington Post has taken notice. It's obvious the WaPo is concerned about this:

Some funding is also coming from taxpayers. About 20 states have designated funding for antiabortion counseling centers, according to the Chicago-based law firm Americans United for Life. Last year, Minnesota appropriated $5 million and Texas $2.5 million for centers
that encourage women to carry pregnancies to term. About a dozenstates, including Maryland, contribute revenue to such centers through the sale of license plates stamped "Choose Life."

This for the abortion crowd is galling, and they would love to be able to shut the money tap off. Interesting how sonograms have proven so effective, once people see that there is a child, moving, growing, they realise that a human is at stake in the abortion process. For many, when that have not seen something it does not exist, when seen the reality begins to take hold.

The Smiths stayed. After they saw a picture of the fetus at 21 weeks
with arms and legs and a face, their thoughts of termination were gone.

"As soon as I seen that, I was ready. It wasn't no joke. It was real,"
Makiba Smith, 16, said. "It was like, he's not born to the world yet,
but he is inside of me growing."

In spite of bias the WaPo article was surprisingly balanced. In the end I guess a picture is worth a thousand words.

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