Monday, September 11, 2006


Stan Guthrie has an interesting article on christianity and political activism. He make a telling statment: Christians are to be salt and light in all spheres of human life—even at the risk of occasionally offending our neighbors.

True, the gospel is offensive, we can't get away from that. From my perspective to be active in politics, or social issues is not wrong, but it must be done out of an attitude of love.

As Guthrie says: As we seek concrete ways to love our neighbors, Christians are right to
fight sex trafficking, genocide, and aids. But doesn't Christ's love
also compel us to speak compassionately against the new eugenics, gay
marriage, and other attempts to redefine bedrock Judeo-Christian
understandings of human nature and family life? We must fight evil in
the public square—whether we are the political flavor of the month or
not. Read More.

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