Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Men at War: Come Home with Your Shield, or On It

I was at Brice's funeral here in Florence.  It was extremely moving seeing a full military funeral.  The thing that does strike me is that it's time to get our boys home.  Rest in peace Brice and keep his family in your prayers.

Men at War: Come Home with Your Shield, or On It | Michael's Dispatches: On 31 July, another firefight unfolded. The element I was with was maybe two or three hundred meters away as the crow flies. Thousands of bullets seemed to be fired, there were dozens of explosions and the Kiowa Warrior and Apache helicopters joined in with rockets, cannon fire, and machine guns. We only watched and waited for any enemy to stumble in front of our shooting positions. The Soldiers’ weapons were ready, as was my Canon. At the moment, our compound was not under attack, though the first Soldier who had been shot in the face the day before had been at our current compound, which was complete with heaps of marijuana drying in the sun.

Word came on the radio that PFC Brice Scott had been shot in the face just as had happened the day before.

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