Saturday, August 21, 2010

“What’s good for the GOP goose…”

Good point. HT: Blake.

“What’s good for the GOP goose…” - Rasmussen Reports™: "There’s a disturbing hypocrisy emerging from within the “establishment” wing of the Republican Party lately – a belief that it’s okay to work against fiscal conservatives who garner the support of the vast majority of GOP voters, just not fiscal liberals.

On the one hand it is clearly permissible for establishment Republicans to endorse Democratic opponents – even work on their campaigns – in the event the GOP nominee is not to their liking. Yet on the other hand fiscally conservative, pro-liberty Republicans who offer anything less than their full-throated support of liberal GOP candidates are routinely accused of “destroying the party.” Also many of these fiscal conservatives – who happen to be advancing the very limited government ideals the GOP is supposed to stand for – are mocked by establishment Republican politicians and told that their movement will “die out.”"

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