Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Presidential News Conference

Just a couple of thoughts:

1. When he is off his notes his speech becomes very disjointed.
2. Long answers. A trick in communication is to have a long meandering answer so that you forget the original question.
3. It is very difficult to follow his line of reasoning. It is circular as opposed to linear.
4. False analogy concerning Churchill and torture. The Brits are tough, ask the Irish. Also the POW's that were captured would not have known anything strategically. They were also legitimate enemy combatants.

Over all interesting. The reporters never dealt with serious questions on the economy. In other words they were easy.

Grade: C-

1 comment:

Civis Ordinarius said...

C- is about right. B+ for hipness and D- for substance.

I'm beginning to be more and more concerned re: the President's inability to speak off the prompter. Someone who can only connect by reading a speech is not a leader.

His long, meandering responses are really not answers to questions.

I'm glad I watched it on tape.