Friday, January 30, 2009

The stimulas: A comparison to past spending

Ouch, no wonder we think this thing is huge, it is.  Via Hot Air.

Suitably Flip: Stimulus, Illustrated
It's difficult to visualize a million dollars, much less a million million dollars. But that's the true threshold cracked by the "$825" billion "stimulus" bill, when you include $347 billion in estimated interest costs associated with the incremental borrowing required.

So how big is the resulting $1.2 trillion spending package? Big enough to dwarf any government program in history, even after adjusting for inflation. It's bigger than the New Deal and the Iraq War combined. The interest alone will be costlier than the Louisiana Purchase or going to the moon. The $18 billion in bonuses paid legally by private Wall Street firms in 2008 - decried by the President as "shameful" - is vanishingly small in comparison (smaller even than the bill's incremental food stamps expenditures).

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