Monday, January 05, 2009

Prayer: From Sunday Sermon January 4.

When she was in high school, Karol’s dad told her that she was in the “McDonald’s drive-thru generation” because her generation didn’t know how to wait, save or work for anything. (Can you tell he is of the builder generation?)

Sometimes we see God as the “great and almighty drive-thru window” and if he doesn’t dispense what we want when we want it we get a little bit perturbed or just flat out doubt God period. God is always on time, but God does NOT function like a drive-thru, just place your order and drive around and pick it up.

Sometimes a bout of what we feel were unanswered prayers can prevent us from praying with devotion and persistence. No matter what God’s response is to our request we need to prayer persistently and continue to trust in Him.

Sometimes unanswered prayers can hinder us from continuing to ask. It is also very possible that sometimes we do not take the time to pray because we do not really believe it is possible that God will answer prayer.

When you have a problem going on do you really believe God can handle it? When there is something big going on do believe God can take care of it? Do you believe that God still answers prayer? If you do, why not pray more?

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