Saturday, January 27, 2007

Senator Smith

Over at the Oregon Conservative Gary has sent an e-mail to our dear Senator concerning the resolutions on the war in Iraq. Also be sure to sign the pledge.

Dear Senator Smith I have always supported you and voted for you, but sadly it appears that is about to come to an end.If you continue to support the WARNER RESOLUTION (or any other similar resolution) I will not only vote FOR any challenger of yours in your next primary election, I will also donate as much money as I can afford up to the legal limit. I will also vote for your opposition in the general election if you manage to secure the party nomination.In addition, I will no longer support the NRSC if it chooses to give you money. Approximately 12,000 people in 24 hours have signed a pledge saying as much at .

Republicans did not lose the '06 elections because of their support of the war, they lost because the republican base got tired of voting for people who have abandoned their party's principles. Judicial nominees, government spending, Social Security reform, illegal immigration..... You failed to lead, and you lost your majority. You are not going to get it back by moving further and further away from the base's core beliefs. Link.


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