Friday, January 26, 2007

Jewish scholar encourages Christians to live out their faith

Very true, the stereotype for what it means to be a Christian is completely skewed. Also instead of always being in attack mode we need to be in "compassion" mode:

Religious liberty advocate Michael Horowitz says U.S. Christians can address their image problems by defining themselves instead of letting the media define them. With a few changes, he suggests, Christians could go from being widely viewed as "dangerous" and divisive to being recognized as the positive change agents so many of them are.

Hudson Institute senior fellow Michael Horowitz is urging Christians in America to define themselves, instead of allowing the secular media to define them. He says it is troubling that members of the Christian faith have allowed themselves to be seen as "dangerous" in so many eyes...

"This is a country where red America and blue America share values far more than people understand," Horowitz contends. However, if Christians are to build bridges between them and, at the same time, redefine themselves on their own terms, he says, they will have to work on changing the tone of their message. Read More.

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