Saturday, November 11, 2006

In reply to Slice of Laodecia

Over at Verum Serum they have a post considering the downfall of Ted Haggard. It is very balanced and I recommend it. In the comments Amy pointed out that her comment on Haggard was rejected at a site called Slice of Laodecia. I decided to check out slice again (it's been awhile).

Ingrid hasn't changed much, her brand of christian bitterness is quite off putting. This is a reply Amy wrote for this site in response to SLICE(corrected). Her original posts were rejected. BTW, my reply was also rejected! It seems Ingrid only likes to hear from the choir (with some exceptions).

“I agree with Ingrid that there are many things in Christianity that are dishonoring to God. Sometimes those things need to be brought to people’s attention so that Christians can discuss whether or not they are biblical. I am in strong disagreement with how she is handling this situation. I pray that she will see that God doesn’t need us to drag His wounded soldier through the dirt. Satan has already done that. I also am not interested in dragging Ingrid through the dirt, but rather hope that she will consider that, like other humans, she can sometimes make mistakes in discernment, and that she herself could actually be dishonoring our Holy God in the way she is handling this situation.

Ted’s fall does not lessen the FACT that you and I have done many things that dishonor God, many of which have not been displayed to the whole world, many things to which some of us are still clinging and refusing to acknowledge as the gross sins that they are.

The fact that we are sinful creatures also does not lessen the fact that what Ted has done has brought shame upon the name of God. However his church has already begun the discipline process with him. They are not excusing his sin, and believe strongly that confession, prayer, and God’s power are a significant part of the restoration process. I trust that God will lead them and the men designated to help him step by step, and that the power that Satan has over Ted will be broken. I pray that Ted’s eyes will be totally opened and that he will not seek to cover any of his sins.

I do not believe, from scripture, that there is any reason why I personally need to know the details of Ted’s sins, or hear a full confession from him by way of the media. There are probably things that his church and family need to know more specifically. I trust that God will lead him, his church, and the men helping him into knowing just what needs to be confessed only to God, confessed only to the men helping him, confessed to his family, confessed to his church, confessed to other believers, and disclosed to the world.

What Ted has done does not change the fact that God is Holy. We can not help God be any Holier by attempting to set parameters for exactly when and how someone’s repentance takes place. God knows Ted’s heart and He knows how much He is working in it; He alone knows where Ted is in the process of restoration.

Part of God’s Holiness- His set-apartness- is His patience and His Mercy and His Love, which is so much greater than ours. Let’s try to demonstrate some of this to Ted."

Well said Amy.

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