Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Confession: Have same-sex-marriage advocates said too much?

It sounds like the cat has been let out of the bag. This is a logical progression of the deconstruction of traditional marriage:

Suppose a large group of same-sex-marriage activists came together and made the following confession to a group of same-sex-marriage skeptics: Read More.


Poon said...

Wow... That is the biggest misrepresentation of the cause I have ever read. I am so glad Americans are becoming more aware of what "freedom" actually means.

Ron Ballew said...

Hmm. Misrepresentation of what the forums have presented e.g., Steinem Or you are in agreement with the position presented.

BTW the agenda now being presented has been anticipated for quite some time. Once marriage has become relativised, it logically follows that other forms of marriage would be accepted.

If gay marriage is legalised, why not polygamy?

Kent Walker said...

Many of us logically realize that being gay is not a choice, therefore having civil unions banned is unfair.

Polygamy IS a choice. There is a huge difference.

Ron Ballew said...

Polygamy definitely is a choice, there are some that believe being polyamorous is not a choice. They simply love more than one.

It tends to be a slippery slope.

As far as being gay being not a choice, the verdict is out. Brain activity is different, but it is a chicken or the egg scenario.

BTW i have read that there is an institute in the Middle east that is trying to re-program gay brain activity. Makes sense for in Islam being gay is a capital offense. (hundreds are executed in Iran.)