Friday, March 17, 2006

Beginning Post


This is the inaugural blog. Hopefully I will have something interesting to say about politics and religion. (That should get the juices flowing)


Sherree said...

Okay Ron... now maybe I'll know what you're talking about a little more often!

Karol said...

I am Ron's wife. We lived in South Africa for 8 1/2 years in the Cape Town metropolitan area. Aprroximately 15% of the population of 2.5-3 million people were Muslim. At one point there was an Islamic fundamentalist group operating. In one year, there were 700+ small bombings, in another, there were 400+ small bombings. We, as Americans, had to be careful where our accents could be heard. Until the ringleaders were jailed, we often just knew when we had to be silent in public. Religion of peace? I don't think so. After the ringleaders were caught and jailed, the bombings almost ceased and we felt safe to speak even to each other in public again. We lived it. Ron just hasn't posted this piece of information on his blog yet.