Monday, October 07, 2013

Should Christian Parents Send their Children to Public Schools?

This article concerns Albert Mohler and his question concerning Christians;  Is is ok for Christian parents to send their children to public schools?  I'm beginning to say no.

PJ Lifestyle » Should Christian Parents Send their Children to Public Schools?:  Mohler blames the loss of local control for much of the “backlash against the public schools.” In earlier generations, “the public schools were public in the sense that they were community schools maintained for and by the citizens of a community. Local control was axiomatic, and parents had a direct influence in the curriculum and policies of the schools.”
All of that began to change with the influence of the progressive agenda, though it took decades to fully emerge. But, Mohler says, “the last half of the twentieth century saw the public schools radically transformed in the vast majority of communities.” Supreme Court decisions “secularized the schools in a way that separated the schools from their communities and families.” Mohler notes that the “evil of racial segregation was rightly ended,” but court-ordered school busing destroyed the sense of community.

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