Tuesday, December 18, 2012

On Triggering and the Triggered, Part 4 | Alastair's Adversaria

Really long but fascinating article on the two main types of debate today:

On Triggering and the Triggered, Part 4 | Alastair's Adversaria: "Offence-taking is a tried and tested tactic by which certain movements can dismiss critics without need for engagement, and bend society to their wishes. It is enabled by society’s lack of nerve, and by a persistence and willingness to take advantage of society’s weakness on the part of those employing it. Over the last few decades it has been used extensively by the feminist and gay rights movements. While many of the positions held by these movements may be perfectly justified, they have advanced in many quarters by silencing opponents and inoculating themselves against criticism, characterizing opponents or critics and their positions as hateful or insensitive and petitioning powerful allies to close down their voices."

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