Saturday, January 29, 2011

Picking the Perfect Gun for a New Shooter

Good advice:

Picking the Perfect Gun for a New Shooter | GunUp: "OK, then, what pistol SHOULD they start out with? First, a pistol is the wrong place to start anyway. To get someone started into shooting, how about a single shot bolt action .22 rifle? Starting with a single shot rimfire rifle some very important lessons can be taught, starting with range safety. Range commands, the 180 rule, the Four Rules of Gun Handling, sight alignment, breathing, trigger control, and more, can all be covered using a rifle instead of a pistol. Using a rimfire rifle will also build some confidence, as the new shooter will be certain to get some reasonably good hits on the target without a lot of training. Why a single shot rifle? It reinforces another very important lesson, “Make the first shot count, don’t rely on follow up shots to make up for poor shooting.”"

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