Monday, April 12, 2010

Orgone Blasters Chemtrails Aliens ELF Fight Back By Sherry Shriner

I had someone comment on my blog so I followed the link to their website. Sometimes you just can't make things up. This Sherry Shriner blends every form of syncretistic belief into the weirdest hybrid I have ever seen.

From secret codes, reptilians, mystery names for God (she has a fetish for Yahweh which is the Hebrew YHWH commonly referred to as the tetragrameton), plane chemtrails, the power of crystals and on and on... Every conspiracy out there, is thrown together, vigorously stirred and out pops...I'm not sure what to call it.

You can't even really call this false prophecy because no one will believe it unless they themselves have refused to take their meds.

The world is full of interesting people that need our prayer and a really good Christian counselor. May God reveal Himself to her.

Orgone Blasters Chemtrails Aliens ELF Fight Back By Sherry Shriner: "The Lord is raising up a group of Warriors to prepare for, and fight against, the arrival of the Antichrist and his forces on earth. Joel 2, Rev, 9 and Rev. 16 mention literal alien and demonic invasions on earth. The orgone will protect the Lord's people and their properties against them. The orgone to aliens is like garlic to vampires. It destroys them. WE CAN DESTROY THEM! By disseminating orgone throughout our towns, cities, states, and country we can make our land, air, and water uninhabitable for them! We can annihilate them by the millions!"

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