Friday, February 19, 2010

Obama, the Democrats and Homosexuals ... Oh My!

Very good.  HT:  Mark W
Our politics flow out of our worldview which flows out of our theology which flows out of our relationship with Christ. So if we want to truly influence politics then we must, first and foremost, influence others to embrace Jesus as their Savior. Then we must plunge them into a passionate pursuit of God through prayer, worship and obedience to His Word.

The real boogeyman is not the President, a political party, the homosexuals or an Alaskan icon in high heels who can see Russia from her front porch. Satan is the real boogeyman. And I believe that he is doing everything he can in his power to get Christians distracted. For the right-leaning Christians (like me) he is trying to get us to worship at the altar of Glenn Beck rather than Jesus Christ. He is seeking to get us to hate the President instead of pray for him. He is trying to get us to seek a political solution to a spiritual problem.

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