Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Different War on Christmas -- From Pastors Themselves

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Opposing Views:
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas out there -- the trees, the lights, the music. But with the holiday season comes the inevitable cries that secularists are continuing their so called "War on Christmas" -- the de-Christianization of the season. But now a new war on Christmas is being launched by a surprising group -- pastors themselves.

To be precise, the folks at the Advent Conspiracy have declared war on the commercial aspects on the holiday, not the religious part.

"It's the shopping, the going into debt, the worrying that if I don't spend enough money, someone will think I don't love them," says Portland pastor Rick McKinley. "Christians get all bent out of shape over the fact that someone didn't say 'Merry Christmas' when I walked into the store. But why are we expecting the store to tell our story? That's just ridiculous."

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