Saturday, October 03, 2009

Roundup of Olympic Debacle Stories

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Sen. John Kerry’s attempt to block Sen. Jim DeMint from going to Honduras to get a bird’s-eye view of the results of Obama pro-Zelaya policy (and to bully DeMint into lifting his hold on two State Department nominees) shows just how defensive the Democrats have become. Kerry’s scheme didn’t work (DeMint is going anyway) and DeMint made his point: the Obama policy is in utter disarray.

On the Olympics humiliation, Ben Smith figured it out: “There’s a reason the president is rarely dispatched to a summit whose outcome is uncertain.” There was no one in the White House who did in this case, however.

The David Axelrod whines about “politics” at the IOC. Hmm. Is he saying the president lacks political skills or that the whole thing was rigged (and therefore the president risked his prestige for nothing)? Sometimes, in a first-class political train wreck, it’s better to keep quiet.

Newt Gingrich piles on.

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