Saturday, September 19, 2009

Being Politically Correct and the rules of Multiculturalism

Big Government » The Hierarchy of Multiculturalism
# If a person is a member of a group guilty of past racial oppression, that person has no moral standing in relation to anyone in any group that’s ever been a victim of that oppression.
# A member of an oppressor group is always assumed to be guilty in relation to a member of a victim group.
# An oppressor can only avoid presumed guilt by making a display of his or her sympathy for the oppressed.
# Members of victim groups can lose their moral standing by expressing a preference for individual rights as opposed to group rights.
# Advocating on behalf of a victim makes one almost as unassailable as being that victim.
# Coming to the defense of an oppressor is even more repugnant than being that oppressor.

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