Friday, February 20, 2009

Obama's "Kick Me" sign

Our foreign policy seems to be eliciting a response from those we have had disagreements with.  Unfortunately it is the wrong response.

Charles Krauthammer - Obama's 'Kick Me' Diplomacy -
I would like to think the supine posture is attributable to a rookie leader otherwise preoccupied (i.e., domestically), leading a foreign policy team as yet unorganized if not disoriented. But when the State Department says that Hugo Chávez's president-for-life referendum, which was preceded by a sham government-controlled campaign featuring the tear-gassing of the opposition, was "for the most part . . . a process that was fully consistent with democratic process," you have to wonder if Month One is not a harbinger of things to come.


Civis Ordinarius said...

One of my concerns re: a President Obama was his lack of interest/initiative in foreign policy.

It seems that the first 30 days confirms that concern. Now the scary part is a Department of State led Hilary Clinton.

Ron Ballew said...

Very true.