Friday, November 14, 2008

Top 10 New Eco and Exotic Car Companies

I don't think they could do worse than the big three.

Top 10 New Eco and Exotic Car Companies - Koenigsegg, Aptera, SSC, Hybrid Technologies, Tesla Motors - Popular Mechanics
Can fresh startups weather today's economic perfect storm? The car industry is certainly in trouble, but these ambitious little companies intend to buck the trend. Some have arisen to take advantage of low labor costs in China or Eastern Europe. Some are determined to be the company that revolutionizes transportation by reinventing the automobile with some new technology or alternative fuel. History makes it plain that most of these companies are bound to fail without leaving behind much evidence that they ever existed—Bricklin and DeLorean come to mind. But radical change often comes from people who dream audaciously and act boldly. Here are ten new car companies that may (or may not) change the world.

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