Wednesday, January 02, 2008


I thought this site was a joke but I know think it's legitimate. Incredible what people will believe. HT to Andy F!

Jim Jones, the charismatic leader responsible for the Jonestown, Guyana, massacre, was closely connected to the CIA throughout his life and was a ‘test strip’ for some of the implant and mind-control techniques created or imported into the central R & D (Research & Development) facility under Colorado’s San Luis valley. (See A&E’s Investigative Reports on Jim Jones for his CIA connections).

Jones himself was a high-level Ciakar (winged reptilian) from the Orion home of these creatures. He was courted by both state and federal government leaders for his abilities, and actually served in a number of different positions for various civic leaders. He was described by some who knew him as having totally black eyes behind the dark sunglasses he wore both indoors and out.

Guidance has never let me say publicly until now that the wrap-around dark sunglasses are a favorite of the reptilians here on earth since their eyesight is sensitive to the UV rays of our sunlight. Yes, when you look at so many famous people there are the almost ubiquitous dark wrap-around sunglasses, worn both day AND night, indoors or out. It is understandable that others do wear these type sunglasses as well but it is amazing how many ‘people’ wearing these type of sunglasses have the morphogenetic energy fields of a reptilian. Link.

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