Wednesday, December 05, 2007

A new course on Iraq (for Democrats, that is)

Classify this in the "be careful what you wish for category." They have definitely backed themselves into a corner. I have had my reservations about a lot of the Iraq strategy, but now that it seems to be working lets make sure it works!
Rarely in U.S. history has a political party diagnosed a major failure in the country's approach to a crucial issue of the day, led a national referendum on the failing policy, forced a change in that policy that led to major substantive benefits for the nation — and then categorically refused to take any credit whatsoever for doing so. Read More.

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Ray said...

No one must have told Pres. Bush that he's a lame Duck. He just sticks to his principles and goals. If he makes a mistake, he backs up and makes another run at it.

My biggest fear about Dems taking over more control of the US is their less reliance on principle (more on polling) and less willingness to stick to a plan (they change plans rather than change tactics).