Friday, December 15, 2006


Dean Barnett blogging at Hugh Hewitt’s blog has really stirred up a hornets nest. He is advocating a pre-emptive strike against Iran. He lays out the argument that getting rid of the nuclear weapons misses the point. It’s not that Iran having nukes is the issue its who controls those nukes that is the problem.

For Barnett, since the Iranian government is unstable at best, regime change is what is needed. The whole problem I have with Dean’s post is that he has a point. How do you deal with an Iranian president that wants to instigate an apocalyptic conflagration in order to usher in his messiah (the Mahdi)?

I am still trying to come to grips with how the Iranian government needs to be dealt with. It is foolish to view them from a western perspective, they don’t think the way the west does. How then do I view them as a Christian? Obviously they need Christ, but how do I view them from a political viewpoint? I wish I knew. Hopefully greater minds than mine can solve this one (just leave James Baker out of it).

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